Welcome to Larsen Strings

Some of the best things in life happen by chance. A seemingly insignificant conversation and coincidence of events that ended with a simple question:

‘Can you make me a cello A string?’

The answer was anything but simple but that chance remark led to the creation of Larsen Strings. Combining practical, creative, musicianship with the experimentation of an enquiring technical mind the Larsen cello A was successfully delivered from the Larsen family garage and the Larsen family of strings began to grow along with the realisation:

That although some of the best things happen by chance we can make them truly remarkable by design.

We have now export worldwide from dedicated premises using purpose built technology but the original love and passion for excellence by design remains at our core.

Please explore Larsen Strings with us to find out more...

Larsen Strings A/S, Elholm 6 A, DK–6400 Sønderborg, Denmark

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